Sunday, February 28, 2016

After a particularly difficult week last week, my sister called to say she and the kids were coming down for a quick weekend visit. I really, really needed that.  


The message series we've been in for the last month has been nothing short of amazing. It has given me a new perspective. 
One of the main takeaways is that our love for God is authenticated in our love for other people. Not a new idea, certainly, but one of which I needed reminding. 
Then, there's this pesky little question that keeps seeping in to so many of my relationships: 
What does love require of me? 
-with my husband
-with my kids
-with my family and friends 
-when I don't get my way 
-when I'm tired
-when people won't just do what I tell them!

I needed this. 
Right now. 
I need this light shining on how I'm loving my people and how my people are loving me...and what that means about our love for Jesus. 
After a couple of days with my sister and a really beautiful Sunday, I'm ready for this week.

I could not possibly do it justice, so if you are interested you should go to and watch. 

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