Thursday, October 2, 2014

First Day: October 2014

Happy October!  
It's been almost a year since I've done a First Day post. :)  
Here are just a few bits from our first day of October.

A current addiction

A new addition to my list of favorite children's books!!  If you have a little one,  you should get it.

From one of the pregnancy apps I's obviously not their mission to be uplifting.

Thanks to Nicole for continuing to be an inspiration!


My girl is FIVE!  I can hardly believe it.  This sweet thing is such a light in our family and makes me laugh all the time.  In her element she is playful and silly.  In unfamiliar places she still hides behind me in a way that makes her seem painfully shy to those that don't know her.  She loves to help in the kitchen.  Everything is a song for her.  I pray she carries this lighthearted joy with her always.

Happy 5th Birthday Audrey Kathryn!

October 2013 - September 2014

She's been asking for two weeks if she could have little debbies for her birthday breakfast.  How could I refuse?