Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Afternoon Uno

Hey guys!  Happy Monday to you.  
For days and days I have been feeling like my head was full.  
There's just a lot swimming around in there.  
Closing is drawing ever closer.  
I took Christian to the doctor on Friday for his cough.  He takes daily medication for his allergies, but sometimes those allergies get the best of him.  Add that to his asthma and you get a lot of coughing.  I mean a lot.  Like sometimes to the point of sounding like he may or may not be choking to death.  So, this go round on top of his regular medicines he is also on breathing treatments and an antibiotic.  Even for a mama who is totally used to doling out daily vitamins and medicines to both of my kids, it has been a little overwhelming.  And even though I know I'm doing all I can for him, it leaves me feeling helpless.  
In particular when he looks at me before seven o'clock this morning and says, " I wish I could feel better."  Helpless indeed.  

There are stacks of boxes in random places throughout the house.  We're getting ready, and I know there's a lot left to do but today it seemed necessary to put that on hold and feed the need for some quality time instead.  

We had some fun with flash cards.  
Christian read a book almost entirely by himself.  
We played some Uno. 
I've decided I'm in need of a Harry Potter marathon so currently we're watching The Sorcerer's Stone (and in case you're wondering, I even have my feet up).
Fun times, but easy ones.  And much needed ones, at that.  

I'll pack more tomorrow.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Reading

Pumpkin coffee.  Pumpkin candles.  Long-sleeved shirts with shorts.  Cooler temperatures and a breeze?  I am diggin' it.
School is coming right along for both my littles and sometimes I'm even getting a little time for myself.  Today I got a massage and that is just a glorious thing.    I was totally in need of it since we're a little wired around the Reinig residence these days.  We're scheduled to close on our house before the end of the month, and if you've ever bought a house before then you know that can be a tad stressful.  I've already started packing and now we're to the place where it's an are-we-going-to-need-this-in-the-next-two-weeks kind of mentality.  I'm excited that we get to move when it's not the dead of summer and I'm looking very forward to being settled in our new place.

While all that's happening, we're trying to maintain as much of a normal routine as possible.  It's hit or miss.
Oh, and did I mention that I'll be going on a kid-free vacation in about a month?  Bingo.  I'm ready.  Until then, here's  a peek at what's been all the rage.

We have been reading like crazy around here.  I mean, I'm always reading something...but now it's spilling over with the kids too.  Part of Christian's homework each night is to read, and since Audrey loves to be read to she is more than happy to sit and listen to the stories too.

The night of Audrey's pre-school open house we were a few minutes early and the library just happened to be open and close by.  We stopped in and picked up a few books to bring home with us.

They were both so excited to be able to pick out some books on their own!

We checked out five books that day, but two of them easily took the lead as their favorites.

We've since returned those books and have been working more with the ones we have at home, but we are all pumped to go back and choose some new stories.

Christian is up to knowing about 20 or 30 sight words.  I am amazed that he knows that many after only a few weeks of school!  Once or twice a week the teacher sends home an index card with five new words on it.  l take that and make individual cards, one with each word. 

With each day, Christian becomes more familiar with the words.  One night last week, I laid out several words together.  He read the words to me as he had been, but after he said, "I like red" his whole face lit up!  He had that great big belly laugh going!  He knew he had just done something awesome!  I asked him when he started reading sentences, and with his happy little face that can light up a room he said, "right now!"  It was such a fun learning moment!

He was very nearly beside himself at being able to read some of the words in The Chick and the Duckling!    

I love it that this is something we really enjoy doing together!
Reading is such a foundational part of learning.  Everything else builds on that knowledge that he is gaining right now.  Even though I'm not in the classroom, I'm feeding that need to teach through my own kids.  Who woulda thought?

Friday, September 7, 2012

change and confession

Change is good.
No, really.
If you're one of those people who hates change, then you're probably on edge a lot.  Life happens in seasons.  Some of those seasons are amazing, others feel hardly bearable, and still others just seem somewhere in the middle.

Change is one of those inevitable things that comes with life.  I figure the best thing to do is just embrace it.  Some change feels good, some you just know is good for you, and other times you can't imagine why circumstances would need to change. 

Right now my season feels not quite settled.  If feels hectic.  I feel a little out of my depth.  My days have a different rhythm than I'm used to.

I'm convinced that change is good for me.  
I know this because four years ago I was sure I would never be a stay-at-home mom.  
I know this because Chris and I keep learning how to make our marriage even better!  
These are not things that happen overnight.  
Things where it's not just the flip of a switch.  
Things where it takes some time.

So, I'm making an effort not to totally freak out in a season where things feel a little freak-out-ish to me.  

Yesterday was a really weird day.  It started with finding an epic checkbook mistake...those are always something.  After I got both kids to school I decided for the first time in a while to go for a run, during which I was chased (okay maybe closely-followed is more accurate) by a dog!  I made it a whopping 0.6 miles and retreated to the safety of my garage where I found a bird flying around trying desperately to get out!  I'm not so much an animal person, so both of these encounters scared the crap out of me. 
All this was before 10am.
Deep breaths.  Prayers.  Nice music.

I'd like to say that after a few minutes of taking deep breaths, praying, and listening to some good music that I was all better.  If I said that I'd be a big, fat liar.  I had to apologize to Chris more than once yesterday.  Like a "I'm sorry I'm not being awesome but I don't know what to do about it" kind of thing.  I pride myself on being in control- not of everything or everyone, but for sure of myself!  I feel a little out-of-control and I don't like it.  I like to be calm and reasonable while everyone else is having a crisis.  

I'd also like to say that after getting some sleep last night that I feel refreshed and recharged for the day ahead.  Only that would be another lie.  So today'll be a fake-it-till-you-make-it kinda day. 

Dad says to take things one day at a time.  So, today I won't worry about boxes or packing.  I won't let my brain be overworked at the prospect of closing costs and moving day childcare.  Today, I'll start with an extra cup of coffee.  Today I'll make a conscious effort to remember some wise words I was reminded of by my friend Nicole a couple of weeks ago:  Love Is Patient.  That means that I'll try not to snap at those around me (since yesterday I thought if either of my children said "Mama" one more time I might seriously lose my grip on reality).  Today I'll choose to remember that I am blessed beyond measure. Today I'll bank on the fact that all things work together for the good of those who love God (if you're looking, you can find that in Romans 8:28).

And here are a few pictures of some of my blessings.

Happy weekend to you!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Well, I for sure had to wait a few days to put this post together so that I could even see the screen to write!  I was a hot mess about Audrey going to pre-school last Wednesday.
She had been so excited about starting, and the closer we got, the more excited she seemed to be.  The morning of, we took Christian to school and came home with just enough time to finish getting ready before it was time to take her.  While she was eating breakfast I saw the first hint of hesitation.  Very quietly she asks me, "Mama, are you sure I'm going to school today?"  I tell her yes and continue to pump her up about the whole thing.  You're going to love it!  It's going to be so much fun!

 We got there just a few minutes early and she asked if she could sit up front with me while we waited.  She's usually very affectionate, but she was super clingy that morning.  I'm trying my hardest to hold it together.  I'm thinking if I can just hold out until I drop her off then I'll be able to lose it in peace.  Just before it's time to go in she squeezes me a little tighter and says, "I'm gonna miss you Mama."  I'm not as tough as you may think...those five little words were just too much.  So with tears in my eyes and my heart in my throat I'm trying to think of how to tell her that I'll miss her too, but without crying.  There's that fine line where I want her to know that of course I'll miss her, but that this will be great for her.                 

While we're walking in, she's a little unsure.  Checking out all the other people going in.  All the other kids.  All the other adults.  Asking questions and clinging to my hand.
I keep telling us both that she's going to do great!  My eyes are full and I'm doing everything I can to keep the tears in until she can't see my face.
Thankfully, she did great!  The only tears were mine.  It was just such a big feeling.  She's not a baby, but she is my baby and here she is starting pre-school.

She came home with a "way to go" sticker on her shirt.  She was really concerned that she be able to finish her "work."

Yes, Mama!  I am excited! (Really she was just ready for me to be done taking more pictures.)

Day two was easier, and the time went by considerably faster while she was gone.  It's a little weird having that time to myself, but I can assure you I'll be quite used to it in no time flat.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Day- September

It's been a busy weekend!  Here's my first day post from Saturday.  Hope your September is off to a great start!  Check out my other first day friends too!

You'll notice that neither of my children are paying me a bit of attention.  :)