Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Well, I for sure had to wait a few days to put this post together so that I could even see the screen to write!  I was a hot mess about Audrey going to pre-school last Wednesday.
She had been so excited about starting, and the closer we got, the more excited she seemed to be.  The morning of, we took Christian to school and came home with just enough time to finish getting ready before it was time to take her.  While she was eating breakfast I saw the first hint of hesitation.  Very quietly she asks me, "Mama, are you sure I'm going to school today?"  I tell her yes and continue to pump her up about the whole thing.  You're going to love it!  It's going to be so much fun!

 We got there just a few minutes early and she asked if she could sit up front with me while we waited.  She's usually very affectionate, but she was super clingy that morning.  I'm trying my hardest to hold it together.  I'm thinking if I can just hold out until I drop her off then I'll be able to lose it in peace.  Just before it's time to go in she squeezes me a little tighter and says, "I'm gonna miss you Mama."  I'm not as tough as you may think...those five little words were just too much.  So with tears in my eyes and my heart in my throat I'm trying to think of how to tell her that I'll miss her too, but without crying.  There's that fine line where I want her to know that of course I'll miss her, but that this will be great for her.                 

While we're walking in, she's a little unsure.  Checking out all the other people going in.  All the other kids.  All the other adults.  Asking questions and clinging to my hand.
I keep telling us both that she's going to do great!  My eyes are full and I'm doing everything I can to keep the tears in until she can't see my face.
Thankfully, she did great!  The only tears were mine.  It was just such a big feeling.  She's not a baby, but she is my baby and here she is starting pre-school.

She came home with a "way to go" sticker on her shirt.  She was really concerned that she be able to finish her "work."

Yes, Mama!  I am excited! (Really she was just ready for me to be done taking more pictures.)

Day two was easier, and the time went by considerably faster while she was gone.  It's a little weird having that time to myself, but I can assure you I'll be quite used to it in no time flat.


  1. This made me cry!! Girl, I know how hard it is to send your 'baby' to preschool. I had a rough go of it too :( Letting go of our babies sure is hard on a mama!! (Ps-I know i say it all the time but i LOVE her curls. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!)

  2. It's hard, but it's good all at the same time. :) Thanks for the compliment on her hair...it is something! I'm hoping that curl sticks with her. I love it, so that probably means that by the time she's in middle school she'll hate it! Ha! Time will tell. :)