Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Afternoon Uno

Hey guys!  Happy Monday to you.  
For days and days I have been feeling like my head was full.  
There's just a lot swimming around in there.  
Closing is drawing ever closer.  
I took Christian to the doctor on Friday for his cough.  He takes daily medication for his allergies, but sometimes those allergies get the best of him.  Add that to his asthma and you get a lot of coughing.  I mean a lot.  Like sometimes to the point of sounding like he may or may not be choking to death.  So, this go round on top of his regular medicines he is also on breathing treatments and an antibiotic.  Even for a mama who is totally used to doling out daily vitamins and medicines to both of my kids, it has been a little overwhelming.  And even though I know I'm doing all I can for him, it leaves me feeling helpless.  
In particular when he looks at me before seven o'clock this morning and says, " I wish I could feel better."  Helpless indeed.  

There are stacks of boxes in random places throughout the house.  We're getting ready, and I know there's a lot left to do but today it seemed necessary to put that on hold and feed the need for some quality time instead.  

We had some fun with flash cards.  
Christian read a book almost entirely by himself.  
We played some Uno. 
I've decided I'm in need of a Harry Potter marathon so currently we're watching The Sorcerer's Stone (and in case you're wondering, I even have my feet up).
Fun times, but easy ones.  And much needed ones, at that.  

I'll pack more tomorrow.

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