Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Weekend


On Good Friday, our KidzTown ministry took over the auditorium for a service that made all of us parents so proud!  Christian and I were asked to help with the offering, and thankfully a couple of people who love us got a picture...since my brain was somewhere else and I didn't manage to take one single picture!  
Christian and Audrey had a great time singing and dancing! :)  All this week I have heard Audrey singing, "no one is greater than Jesus!"  I couldn't help but smile every time!
It makes my heart happy that our kids not only see us serve in our church every week, but they are also given the opportunity to participate! 
When a child is old enough to make the choice to stay in church or leave it, the odds are dramatically greater that they will stay if they were part of a family who not only went to church together, but volunteered as well.  
We know that God does not save us because of our works, but because we love Him, we want to serve Him with our lives and this is an important piece of that.
I pray that our kids will come to know Christ early and shine His light to those around them!


On Saturday morning, Andrea and I ran the Fuller Center 5K.  I was super thankful for the cooler weather since that makes it so much easier for me to breathe!
Chris and Dusty and the kids were at the finish line cheering!  Fun times. :)  My kids were absolutely sure I won.  LOL!  I told them that I finished the race, but I definitely didn't win!  My time was better by a few seconds: 33:06.  Improvement is good! 

We had lunch at Memaw and Papa's followed by an Easter egg hunt!  We had a great time!



Here are some shots of us on Easter Sunday. 
I love these cuties!

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