Tuesday, April 3, 2012

pretty stinkin' fresh

At first I thought he was deep in thought about the berries...then I realized he was just trying to dig his shoes into the mud without getting in trouble! :)

I'm not sure it gets much fresher than this!  We went out to Southern Belle Farm yesterday morning and picked two gallons of strawberries.  I thought about doing this last year, but I just wasn't sure it was worth the money.  Since I use so much of the fruit I buy to make jams and jellies, I need it to be as cost effective as it can be.  I am pleased to say that other than a few berries the kids picked without asking us first, this was so much better than store bought!  The beauty is that you can pick exactly what you want without having those mysterious ones right in the center of the container that you can't tell whether or not they are any good. 
We picked yesteday morning, and I had eight jars of jam ready by dinnertime.  The four you see are strawberry, and then I made a batch of blueberry/strawberry/vanilla.  Yum!

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