Thursday, May 31, 2012

car wash awards

The first thing out of Christian's mouth on Tuesday morning (the first regular day he was out of school) was, "so are we going to the zoo or the park today?"  Gah.
I'm sorry, are you serious?
The boy thinks that we need to be going and doing something every. single. day.
So don't judge the actual cleanliness/dirtiness of my van (or the fact that I'm a van-driving-mama, for that matter) and just try to take into consideration that this afternoon's activities had more to do with doing something fun than it did with winning any car washing awards. :)

          I love this face!  It's so her!


 Get out the hose and these two are almost beside themselves.
I heard more than once just how much fun they had giving the van a bath!
Score for the Mama.

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