Saturday, June 2, 2012

First Day-June

 Flashback:  two and a half years ago.  Audrey was only a few weeks old.  It was the first good night of sleep we'd had in a while.  So good in fact, that we didn't hear Christian get up.  He found his way into the sun room, got a red Sharpie off the desk and wrote all over himself and the couch!  Aaaahhh!  
I can be thankful that this time it was only an ink pen, that she only wrote on herself, and that it washed right off.  :)  
As my Daddy would say, "ain't life funny?"


One thing  I love about driving a van is that we are always ready for a picnic!  We picked up lunch at CFA and parked somewhere they could run when we were done.  Pretty fancy if you ask me.  Gotta love that.

That's right.  I forgot to take any pictures while we were on our dinner date, so we took one in front of our next stop: Wal-Mart.  Real life, people.

If you haven't checked out Nicole's blog, you should.  She's a pretty cool gal.


  1. Love it! I've been meaning to do a picnic at the park but I keep being too lazy! This week it WILL happen!

  2. All pens should be banned around 2 year olds! My daughter did the very same thing a week ago! Stinkers! Random, but I have that same hair dryer. lol

  3. Great idea with the picnic in the back of the van!!! Love your bedroom!

    1. Thanks Kim! I love being able to have a clean place to eat no matter where we are. Not to mention that means picnicking with no bugs! :)