Sunday, June 24, 2012

bubbles and some other stuff

I love it when the kids hold my hand.  I know that there's this small window of time before that becomes totally uncool.  When they won't need or want that help or comfort.  I'm drinking in the fact that none of them know that quite yet...

I thought Fletcher and Audrey might just swing the whole time we were at the park!  
Chris took a break from pushing them for a while and I took over.  
Apparently I'm just not as good...Fletch let it be known pretty quickly that he wanted Chris to push. :)

There is such a fascination with bubbles at our house.  We have bubble containers of all shapes and sizes and refill bubbles to boot.  I'm contemplating getting some colored bubbles.  Oh the fun we'll have with those!

I just want to squish those cheeks sometimes. 

He's been a tough one this week.  It hasn't been all rainbows and sunshine for this week's worth of summer break.  
I'm thankful he ours and that we're the ones given the opportunity to teach him how to make good choices, but holy wow has that been a tall order the last few days.

Oh, this girl and her injuries.  
And not fake ones, mind you.  
To say that she's clumsy doesn't quite paint the picture as clearly as you might think.
Thankfully she's pretty tough!

Looking forward to good things this week!

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