Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

 Inspired by Kelle over at Enjoying The Small Things, I took the kids to a dollar store so they could shop for Chris for Father's Day.  I absolutely loved this idea!  They got to roam the aisles and pick something all by themselves!  I only encouraged them to "pick something you think Daddy will like."  
They were a hoot!
We left there with a card, a duster for your car dash, a bungee cord, and a pair of shoes.  They were so proud of themselves!  As soon as we cleared the door, Christian wanted to know if they could wrap the gifts too.  Why not?!  Letting them take ownership of this whole process made for such a fun experience!  Not only were they totally psyched that they got to shop, wrap, and write on the card, but those little people couldn't wait to give Chris those gifts!  

It was worth so much more than the ten bucks we spent to see their little faces light up at each stage of the fun!  

When it was time to write in the card, I asked them individually what Daddy did that made them happy.  

Holidays are what we make them.  
We had a great day!  Church yesterday morning, lunch and naps.  
This week I skipped a Sunday afternoon nap and made two batches of Kelli's Jellies instead! :)  Then last night my sister and her family came over and we spent the evening with Dad.  Great fellowship with family, and a great celebration of dads.  
Not only do I love this holiday because my dad has set such an amazing example of what being a great dad means, but also because I am thankful for the dad that Chris is to our kids.  He is teaching them, showing them what it looks like to love Jesus, to be kind, to have a great work many things that I can already see showing in their little personalities.  
I married him because he loves the Lord and he loves me.  
The fact that he is amazing at loving our babies is an incredible little bonus.

I am one thankful gal.

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  1. LOVE this idea! Saving this one for Andrew's birthday!