Tuesday, June 12, 2012


And again I'll say, there is something so stinkin' cool about growing food!

These first couple of pictures were taken right at the end of April.  They were planting flowers along the outside of the garden.  Chris had just finished planting all the food and then let the kids help with the last bit.


Then these were taken yesterday.  
It is completely amazing to me that food grows this quickly and that there's so much of it!  
When I was a kid, my godparents had a garden in their backyard and I remember thinking how weird that was.  
Little did I know...

Sharing a fresh-picked cucumber.
 Bell Peppers that I can't wait to skewer and toss on the grill.

 World's tiniest watermelon.  

Blueberries.  These have been so much fun!  The kids ask to pick and eat them almost every day. :)

Chris ate his first tomato from the garden yesterday with lunch, and he just raved about it!  I don't eat tomatoes, but I do eat a great many things made from them. :)  I'm looking forward to all the tomatoes we'll put up for winter.  We had some killer tomato sauce a couple of years ago when we tried gardening the first time.

Cool stuff.

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