Monday, January 7, 2013


Currently I'm...

...loving... that Christian wants to learn!  Even over the Christmas break he wanted to do school work.  That feeling you get as a teacher when you can see the light bulb come on in a kid's brain is even better when it's your own kid!  He's so proud of himself (and of course, so are we) that now he can read to us!  I love to read, so seeing him enjoy it is pretty awesome.

...watching... Elementary and Sherlock.  Same idea.  One's on CBS.  One's on BBC.  Both are really great!  If you're into Sherlock Holmes, you should give them both a go.

...listening to... Grace Potter & The Nocturnals.  Andrea tried to get me to give this a listen several months ago.  Like, before we moved.  So maybe in August or September.  I'm seriously frustrated that I waited until last week to put it on my phone.  This album is fantastic!

...getting over... some kind of beginning-of-the-year funk that I was in for a few days.  Something about not being able to make things go like I think they should go.  In the end, that always ends up with me remembering that I'm not really in control of anything.  God has my path laid out just exactly like He knows it needs to be.  I'm who I am and where I am in this moment not because I took some random turns and made some random choices, but because God has plans for me and mine.  I'm glad to know that nothing (not even my but-why-isn't-this-going-my-way selfishness) can separate me from His love. 
Romans 8:39-39

Mostly, Audrey just opened all the packages while the rest of us used the chalk.

We've all enjoyed the break.  
If I'm being honest, at this point we've all enjoyed about as much of it as we can stand.  :)  Today both the kids asked when they would be going back to school.  We're all (mostly me) ready to get back to our routines.

Happy Monday.

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