Monday, October 24, 2011

we're a wordy bunch

I think that a person's vocabulary is relatively important.

I shudder when I hear adults say things like "irregardless"  or "ex-specially" since in point of fact, those are NOT words.  
Just by being raised in the south, and perhaps by my family in particular I definitely do not pronounce everything correctly all the time...
I know for certain that more than once when I was teaching, I taught that ten and tin were homophones.  It don't think it was until I married Chris that I understood or cared they they should not be pronounced as the same word.  I came to understand that an accent can be cute or it can just make you sound ignorant.
I tried to train students (and their parents when necessary) not to say "lieberry" or  "balentine's day."  

Without hesitation I can tell you that my 4-year-old talks more than any child I have ever met.  
When I took my 2-year-old to her most recent well visit, the doctor asked if she had at least fifty words.  I laughed.  
Chris and I talk a lot, so I suppose it shouldn't surprise me that the kids are doing their best to keep up with us.

I feel like I live in the land of a thousand questions.  When we're leaving, they want to know where we're going.  When we're out, they want to know what they can do when we get home.  
Yesterday Christian asked if they could color when we got home.  When I told him was wasn't even going to answer that question he says, "we'll discuss that when we get home." After which, I tried not to run off the road.

I hate to hear adults use incorrect words.  I am embarrassed if I use the wrong word, so I do try to correct my own children when they mess up their words.  

After all this ranting, there is just one exception.
There is a Publix just down from our house.  Each and every time Christian says the name of this store, he says Puglitz and I just can't bring myself to correct it. :)

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