Wednesday, October 26, 2011

highlights from fall festival

As a rule, I try not to tell Christian that much of anything is happening ahead of time because he will pester the snot out of me until whatever that is happens.  As such, he didn't know that fall festival at his preschool was today until after breakfast when I told him to get his costume on.
Multiple times he asks with great anticipation, "is it Hallowing?"
Once Audrey realizes Christian is dressing up, she also wants to know if she can wear her "costune."
The excitement was so much for the two of them!
Christian asked me if I was staying at school with him and when Audrey hears that the answer to that is yes, she just repeats, "me? me?" until I assure her that yes, in fact, she is going to school today too.
She thinks she's grown.  She just goes right in and gets a seat at the table like she knows what she's doing!
 And yes, I realize this story would be better with pictures...I'll try to get some from the other two costume events we have. :)

Here's a little tip.  When you see children dressed up for Halloween, do not look at them (however sweet your tone) and say, "what are you supposed to be?" since that does not sound nice in any way.  If you don't know what it is, maybe go with, "who are you today?" or "wow, look at you!" 
Christian asked months ago to be Jake (for those of you who don't regularly watch Disney Junior, this is Jake of Jake and the Neverland Pirates).  It's a really easy costume, so we just made it...and for a minute today I felt a little sad for him.  Since he didn't have an easily identifiable costume, some of the people around him did not appear to be impressed.  
Not awesome.  Hello, he's 4.  Maybe you could just pretend that you think he looks fantastic since he is so obviously excited about it!
Pardon my high horse.

The best part of today was a moment that probably no one else thought anything about.  When they were in the classroom between crafts and snack, the teacher is explaining that snacks come next.  She tells them that if they have a parent there today that is who will fix their plates, and if not a teacher will do it.  
Christian shoots his arm straight up in the air and says, "I have a Mama!" and points to me with a smile on his face and light in his eyes.  Sold.  I'm done.  It didn't matter that everything else wasn't so awesome about this particular fall festival.  I'm his mom and he's proud of that!  What more could I possibly ask?

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