Friday, November 4, 2011

belated halloween

How is it already November?
We had a rather belated Halloween...we took our boogers trick or treating last night.
As many of you know, Christian has terrible allergies that also trigger his asthma.  Not awesome.  When he first came home with us, it seemed like there was maybe one week out of every month that he could breathe easily and did not have snot continually dripping from his nose as though it were a faucet.  Thankfully, the older he gets, the longer we go between these bouts of nasty, snotty days filled with breathing treatments.

Know before I climb up on my high horse that I do not in any way discount the schooling or knowledge of doctors...
It feels like maybe sometimes doctors forget that the person they are dealing with is not just another case.  This is true for all manner of doctors (whether they treat little people or grown ones).  Just another kid to look at, but hello!  Excuse me, this one is my kid.  Maybe you didn't know, but he's really important! 

Over the weekend Christian was having a fever on and off and was starting up with his traditional snotty symptoms.  We took them both to the pediatrician on Monday morning only to hear her assure us that this was his regular stuff and that our girl was fine.  Go ahead with his breathing treatments.  He'll be fine. 
He continued to run a fever and did not keep anything down.  The. whole. day.  Parenting is pretty interesting.  I can tell you that I can't imagine anyone else throwing up that close to me and just rolling with the punches.  Nasty.  Gross.  Disgusting.  No two ways about it.  But what can you do? 

Needless to say, I am super happy that my boy is back to his normal, rowdy self. 
Since my kids are big enough to know what trick or treating is, but small enough not to understand the dates I was able to arrange for a few people to let us come to their house with costumes and candy buckets a couple of days late. 
Maybe this is the way to do it since their buckets were filled to the top!  Holy moley at the treats they picked up! 

Tinkerbell was feeling less and less inclined to have her picture made as the evening wore on.  Maybe it was because we were getting rained on, maybe it was because I wouldn't let her eat all her candy, or maybe it's just because she's two!
Jake was a great sport and did a really mean pirate growl (with one eye closed, of course).  All in all it was a success! 

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  1. Over here from journey to josie. loved reading your story! Love God's sense of humor in doubling your family!