Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Family Fun

We have enjoyed some great family time the last couple of days!
Yesterday morning while Chris was working, the kids and I got to hang out with some friends.  Coffee with a couple of my peeps while the kids got to play was lovely for kids and grown-ups alike.
While Chris had some free time during the middle of the day, we made the most of it!  We packed a lunch and headed out to find a park.  
It was a little windier than we expected, so it wasn't a super long stay at the park.  We also ended up having lunch in the van instead of at the picnic table!  Oh well...whatever works.  

Christian was freaked out about trying to climb up this ladder-type thing at the playground.  Audrey just jumped right up there!  The hitch is that she is so clumsy she has to be held so she doesn't fall and break her neck!

Couple of goons!!

Today we went to the zoo.  
Last summer we bought a family pass and have definitely made good use of it!  The weather was cooler today, so some of the animals were more active than they are during the summer.
Lots of fun for our family foursome. :)



Christian was pumped about the petting zoo part.  
Chris caught a great picture of Audrey's "pet and run" stance!  

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