Thursday, February 16, 2012


I do actually enjoy walking and jogging.
When I go for a while without getting on the treadmill, it seems so difficult to make time to start back to it again.
During the month of January, I worked with Chris regularly enough that I didn't feel like I needed to be doing a separate workout.  
Last week I started to feel guilty about not doing anything workoutish.  
So today I finally got back to it.  Bleh.  It did not feel awesome.  I can tell it's been too long!  
I'm gearing up for a 5K, so I've got to stick to it.

The last few days I have been trying to play catch up with my scrapbooking.  It's another one of those things that I really like to do, but too often don't feel like I have the time for it.  I have my regular book and Audrey's baby book that I've been doing.  Since we got Christian I have been on the lookout for a "baby book" that suited my needs for him.  Since I can't find one that I like, I decided to just make one.  So I've been working on that as well.  It's a good thing that we have a dining room table in addition to a kitchen table since one of them stays completely covered when I'm in memory book mode.  It makes me feel so accomplished to be crafty. 

Last but not least for today...I hate potty training.
I really do hate it.  I had a terrible time with Christian. 
I know- it's my fault.  I started too early.  Still, it was ridiculous.
I did not in any way look forward to this portion of Audrey's upbringing.  Gah.  It's so exhausting with the one thousand times of, "do you need to potty?"  They tell you yes but don't need to.  They tell you no and then you're chasing them around waiting for them to pee in the floor.  
We have sort of dabbled in taking Audrey to the potty over the last few months. Today was the first day she seemed like she got it.  It was like, "oh, you wanted me to do this in the toilet?!"
Hate it.
When we were going through this before, I thought maybe Christian would have to start kindergarten in diapers.  
He did manage to get it under control, but holy cow it took for.ever.
I'll be right back at it tomorrow, but jeez I will be happy when we are past this point with both of them.

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