Thursday, February 23, 2012

Instagram, Postal Pix, and All In

I love my iPhone!  I use it for everything.  Doesn't everybody?  :)  
One of my frequently used apps is Instagram.  It does such fun things with your pictures!  My only complaint about it had been that there was not a good way to print them out.  I mean, I tried it with a regular photo place like Shutterfly or WalMart, but they just don't turn out right.  
Two weeks ago I searched how to print them.  I found an app called Postal Pix, and it is awesome!  These are just a couple of the pictures I printed out, and I was so pleased with them.  If you use Instagram, you should totally try it.  

For the last couple of weeks I have been listening to a series on podcast from NewSpring Church.  
You should definitely listen to it!!  You won't be sorry!  
The name of the series is All In.  It has been amazing for me.  

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