Thursday, October 4, 2012


...listening to:  Brandi Carlile's Give Up the Ghost album.  It's not new, but it's new to me and it's awesome!

...looking forward to:  Orlando!!  We leave on Wednesday for what I know will be another amazing vacation with our peeps (and without our babies)!  We went to Universal in 2010 and I am so. stinkin'. pumped to go again!!

...really thankful:  that everyone at our house is well again!  First Christian was on an antibiotic, then Chris and I started ours, and a few days later Audrey needed one too.  Boo to all that snot!  We're done with breathing treatments and the like for now.  That's a lot all by itself, but add it to moving and you do not get anything nice.  

...watching:  some of our new shows that have come back on, which include but are not limited to: Grey's, CSI, and New Girl.  And I'm always watching General Hospital, but it's worth mentioning because it is so good right now!

...exhausted with:  all that there's left to do to make it feel like we're not just moving in.  We bought a mailbox, but haven't been able to find a post that matches the others in our subdivision.  There are still windows without blinds or window treatments. There are still stacks of pictures and mirrors to be hung.  There are some new things I'd still like to get (like a very petite-looking desk for our bedroom), but a few days ago I decided we probably needed to chill out a little on trying to buy every single thing we wanted to make our house look the way we want it to!  Pump the brakes.  There's no house-warming police.  Instead of being bogged down with all that's not done, I'm thinking how awesome it is that we bought a house!  Priorities, people.

...fascinated by:  the fact that what seems normal in your own house is what you think is normal for everyone else too.  In the midst of moving I realized that although shelf paper is a necessity for me, not everybody uses it.  I mean like, when we move in, the cleaning happens and the shelf paper comes next.  It's a pill, but it sure makes for easier cleaning after it's done.  That made me think about cheese slicers.  :)  My whole growing up I just assumed that everyone had one.  Little did I know, most folks don't.  How do you people survive?!

We really are actually getting settled in at the new place.  Moving is so overwhelming, and even though you'd think with as many times as we've done it we'd be old pros by now, it wipes me out!  It's not even just the actual moving your stuff out of one place and into another one, but all that comes after that.  Like finding which boxes have what in them- even though they're labeled!  Like getting curtains hung and pictures on the walls.  Thank God that Chris is so handy!  He has installed ceiling fans, built shelves, hung tvs, and a ton of other stuff.  Saturday morning I went to work with Chris and when we got home, Dad had managed to make the living room and dining room look like we'd been here for ages.  Something about pictures hanging on the walls and "sit around stuff" being out on display makes it feel like you're really moved in.  

These are mostly the same books we had before we moved, but Christian was so excited about his new "library!"

And for those of you who stalk my blog solely to see pictures of my kiddos, these are for you! :)

Happy Thursday to you!

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