Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Today has been a good one.

Audrey had a fall festival at her pre-school this morning and Christian had a field trip to Southern Belle Farm today.  It's days like this when I am super thankful that Chris and I are both able to be available during the day!
I went on the field trip and Chris went to the fall festival.


It was way too windy to be able to enjoy being outside for that long.  Although it was a fun trip, Christian kept telling me he wished we were inside somewhere. :)  He's not quite over the bug he had over the weekend, but he's doing better so we went anyway.  

Immediately after Halloween last year Christian told me that the next time it came around, he wanted to be Peter Pan.  I thought for sure that would pass.  I expected he would want to be someone more current.  Wrong.  When the holiday began to get closer this year, I asked him again.  Still Peter Pan.  Thank you Party City for having a Peter Pan costume small enough for my child...and only sale for $10.  
Audrey had two hand-me-down costumes.  One of those was Little Red Riding Hood, but it had no hood.  I looked to buy one, but I had one of those I-could-probably-make-that type moments.  Unfortunately I didn't follow through with that until Friday afternoon.
On Friday night we had the Fall Festival at church.  I may or may not have whipped up a riding cloak for my Little Red on Friday between lunch and dinner.  Not store quality, but totally a win for a costume!

This year we decided to trick-or-treat at just a few houses in our new neighborhood and then let our kiddos hand out candy to the other trick-or-treaters.  So much fun!  
We trailed after our babies tonight encouraging them to "say trick-or-treat and thank you" (over and over).   We taught them about houses with lights on or off and that some families don't celebrate some holidays.  We saw some friends from school.  We met some new folks.
My heart is full.  

They were so sweet tonight. It was a great first holiday in our new home!

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