Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Weekend Update

It's been such a nice weekend.  The weather alone played a huge part in that.  Another part is probably just that we weren't crazy busy.  We had some stuff to do, but since the last six weeks have been something akin to a whirlwind the last couple of days have seemed pretty breezy.

Friday afternoon after school I took Christian to his first appointment at the new pediatrician.  This was a scary move for us.  He has taken daily medication for his allergies and asthma for several years now and I wasn't so sure that another doctor would be willing to keep prescribing those meds for him.  It took awhile, but we talked things through with the new doctor and not only did he keep him on prescriptions that will help him deal with that mess, but he also gave us something called a "respiratory care plan" for which I am so grateful!  I am such a visual learner.  Having something on paper that basically says, here's what you do when everything's fine, or getting a little yuck, or terrible works really well for my brain. 

Saturday the kids got along blissfully well.  Maybe other people's children always do that.  Good for you (omitted swear words here).  Well, at least I'm being honest.  Sometimes they act like wild hooligans whose only goal is to drive someone crazy: me, each other, anyone will do.  Other times I get this.

They laughed.  They played (quietly in each other's rooms, I might add).  They ran across the yard hand-in-hand.  They rode in the racecar grocery cart together.  And all that without a single attempt at annoying the crap out of each other.  It was so nice.
Today after church and lunch the kids took naps and I got caught up on some more of The Walking Dead.  What a weekend, right?!

Hope yours was equally as lovely.
I'll be back soon with a vacation post. 

He looked so proud that first day I let him ride the bus!  

Helping sis with her letters.

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