Monday, February 11, 2013

The Weekend Update

We really had such a nice weekend!  Friday afternoon after school, Chris took Christian to get a haircut.  That boy loves when he has short hair...I'm pretty sure this is mostly because we don't have to "fix" his hair when it's that length.  

Friday evening we played outside and visited with our neighbors and then came in for a dinner of country fried steak and crockpot loaded mashed potatoes...oh and some green beans which I most certainly didn't eat.  

You know at the end of Ratatouille when Ego eats the ratatouille and is sort of transported back to his childhood?  That's what happens when I have country fried steak. :)

Chris had some work to do on Saturday, so the kiddos and I spent the day missing him.  We played some kid Uno, they made cards, toss in some tv, and the morning was gone. 

I usually roll our change about once a year.  When Christian saw what I was doing, he wanted to roll his too...and of course whatever one does the other has to do so the girl wasn't far behind.  

Audrey had about $10 or $15 all total.  Let me just tell you that there was over $60 in that boy's piggy bank!!  
After lunch and naps, we headed straight for Berry Mango's and Christian treated us to some fro yo.  He was so cute about being the man with the money!  After our ice cream he asked if he could buy a drink.  Regrettably, I let the child buy a Coke.  My children don't usually have caffeine, so within about 20 minutes they were both acting like they were high!  I figured the park was the best place to work some of that off.  

Cap the weekend with church, small group, and wild flowers in a pilsner and I am one happy girl.

Happy Monday.

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