Monday, September 26, 2011


I guess that maybe I have a love/hate relationship with cooking...or maybe a love/disdain relationship is a more accurate description.  
I love eating.
I love when something that I cooked is totally delicious and everyone raves about it.
I even enjoy (to some degree) looking for new recipes.  
I don't so much love the actual cooking part.  
As I have said before, I'm no chef.  I feel ok about this- I make preserves for crying out loud!  
Thankfully I married a man who enjoys cooking (and makes quite delectable meals).
I definitely plan meals around when he is going to be home to cook or to help me. 

All that said, dinner is on me tonight.  
We are having beef stroganoff.  
By that I mean that Hamburger Helper with a little cream of mushroom soup added in.  Don't judge.  It's good.  Both of my kids eat it with NO complaints, and that's saying something!  


  1. A Mom has to do what a Mom has to do. You need a crock pot to help you out this Fall/Winter.

  2. I love cooking but get real burnt out easily from eating the same things. Luckily my kids eat a wide variety of foods, but I tend to stick to my favorites. Aint nothing wrong with a little hamburger helper! We lived off of it growing up, lol. Tonight on our menu: Dominos Pizza :D