Tuesday, September 13, 2011

a family affair

Whatever our little family does, we usually do it together.  
This week, that included limbing up the trees in our front yard.
Pretty soon after Chris and I started Luella Lawnscape, I figured out that if I helped him we would get to spend more time together and the work would get done faster.  Many people were surprised to see me doing outside work...since once upon a time that was absolutely something that I did not do.  Now it's pretty commonplace.
Recently I got some new work gloves, and let me just tell you that these two turkeys could not wait to get some work gloves of their own! 
After coming home from work, Chris headed out front with the ladder and the saw, so the kids and I got our gloves and headed out to help.
I thought they would likely just stand around and watch, but lo and behold they were working!!
Whatever we're doing, they want in on it!  
I thought they were pretty stinkin' cute!
She wanted to drag the limbs, but still hold my hand. :)

Chris was cutting down limbs, and the three of us were hauling them around the house and into the woods.
Funny side note:  Christian seems to have unending stamina when it comes to running/jumping/skipping as long as it's inside (where he's not supposed to do these things).  After he hauled about 3 limbs, he informed me that he needed a break and something to drink.  
I'm super thankful that we're able to do things together!  I'm sure in another ten years or so it will be like pulling teeth to get them to do anything with us.
Enjoy the moment.

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