Wednesday, September 7, 2011

a late afternoon snack

I am not a chef.
I am also not a very adventurous eater.
I am the kind of person who chooses recipes based on whether or not the ingredients look scary to me.  If it has fresh ginger, daikon radishes, or millet not only will I not be likely to make it, but I'm not even sure where to acquire those ingredients. :)
Since being married to Chris, I can say that I have definitely broadened my horizons.  It used to be my practice not to eat anything green.  I can now proudly say that I have added broccoli, lima beans, and asparagus to the scant list of vegetables I will eat.  Believe me when I say that being ridiculously picky is not a trait I am proud of.  In fact, I am trying my hardest to keep our kids from being this way!   
All my adult life it has been my habit not to eat fruit in or on anything.  It is still my stance that it should not generally be in things like ice cream or jello or SALADS!  You can understand then why it is a big deal that I am now not only making but eating preserves, as this means actual fruit bits in my jam.

All that said, get a load of my afternoon snack.

On several of the food blogs I've perused recently, I've read that certain jams or preserves pair very well with goat cheese.  Now I can assure you that today was the first time I've ever purchased goat cheese!  I put it with the blueberry maple jam that I made last week...surprisingly delicious. 
I do love learning something new.

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