Saturday, January 21, 2012

blessed, you say?

divinely or supremely favored; fortunate

You know how when you use a word too much it sometimes has a way of losing its meaning? I kinda feel like that about when people say things like, "we're too blessed to be stressed," or "have a blessed day."  There are people who say this word so often that the word is not as big as it could be.
If you know me well, you know that I tend to go with the "say what you mean and mean what you say" train of thought.  
Understand that I'm not being flip when I say I am truly blessed.
I get to live in a place where I can worship as I choose, say what I want, choose my spouse, and raise my children as I see fit.  These are not things that I think just happened to me.
God has given me SO much more than I deserve!
I am blessed, and I am thankful.

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