Thursday, January 5, 2012

today's work

I am so tired.
It's a good tired though.
This morning I went to the church to film the announcements.
Then it was back home to spend some time with my Audrey girl.  
Before I could turn around twice it was time to pick up Christian from school.

Go, go, go.
Last Thursday my mother-in-law kept the kids, and then today my sister did so I could work with Chris spreading pine straw at one of our properties.  
Just as an aside, I'm glad I don't live somewhere that I have no family close by.  I'm in the "it takes a village to raise a child" camp!  Thank you to all my peeps who fall into that category!!
Anyway, spreading straw is serious business.  It's not all that difficult to do, but it's serious work!  So, I am tired...but it's good.
Probably ten years ago, if you asked me if I thought I would know how to spread straw or enjoy it for that matter, I may or may not have laughed in your face.
I learned pretty shortly after Chris started the business that if I worked with him, he would get finished faster and I would get to spend more time with him.  Isn't it funny what you'll do for the people you love?  I know he loves me...among many reasons, when I showed up to the job site today (all decked out in my work-outside attire) he looked at me sweetly and with sincerity in his heart told me how hot I looked!  He is something. :)

After picking up the kids, we came home and got cleaned up.  Thankfully I had already planned to do leftovers tonight.  Last night we made potato soup and cheese muffins.  It's one of my favorite winter meals!  The potato soup is a recipe that we pulled from some random website probably five years ago, and have just changed it and changed it until it suited us.  I remember one day I took my leftovers to school and the ladies in the teachers' lounge asked where I had been to eat the night before.  It looks that awesome (and tastes that way too)!  The cheese muffins are a Paula Deen recipe and I LOVE them.  
After dinner was done, we launched straight into bath time for the kids and two batches of jam.
Busy. day.
Needless to say, I'm turning in early.

Potato soup recipe if you're interested:
2 lbs potatoes (I like less potatoes, Chris likes likes more.)
1 can of cheese soup
2 qt chicken broth 
1 stick butter or margarine 
1 tsp black pepper
2 cups milk
2/3 cup flour

Peel, cube, and boil potatoes.  Drain water.
While potatoes are boiling, in a stock pot, boil broth and a stick of butter.
When the stock boils, add the flour. We usually sift it in.  My sister says she whisks the flour into a cup of water before adding it to the stock to keep the flour from getting lumpy.
Bring to another boil and add milk.  If too thin, add more flour.  If too thick for your taste, add more milk.
Stir in the cheese soup.  Add potatoes and black pepper.

Chris likes his with shredded cheese and sour cream on top.  I like mine just as it is!

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