Friday, July 6, 2012


This day didn't really start out so great. 
I've stayed up too late a couple of nights in a row, so I was tired.  
Neither of the kids have been being super awesome for the last couple of days. 
I'm still trying to get everything ready for us to go on vacation. 
I went to buy a new shirt and came home with one for Chris instead. 
Nothing too dramatic, just a lot of regular stuff that all added up together did not make for a sunshiny kind of morning. 
Parenting is one of the greatest joys in life, but knowing that doesn't make it feel awesome all the time. I know with absolute certainty that I was chosen specifically to be a mother to our kids. Even knowing that, sometimes I feel like I'm lacking. Today is one of those days where being the mom has been hard. Instead of doing fun things, it has been a day full of misbehaving and back-talking. NOT awesome. 
I am a Christian... but I'm one who tries not to beat people in the head with my Bible. I do not post one thousand scriptures and worship songs on my Twitter and Facebook.  That's just not me.  That being said, we did a song last Sunday and are doing it again this week that has been a great pick-me-up today.  If you feel so inclined, you can check it out here.
God knows what I can handle and when I need some help.
When I was putting Audrey down for her nap, she asked me to read her "just one book," as she always does.  I picked one and read it to her.  I asked for a hug and kiss.  When she was hugging me, she squeezed a little tighter than normal. Right by my ear in a quiet little voice she said, "you're the best!"  
I needed that.  
My fear and inadequacies do not define me.
It doesn't have to be a bad day.  I get to choose.

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