Saturday, March 10, 2012

family fun

Sometimes family fun time means doing stuff that otherwise isn't all that spectacular, except that you're doing whatever it is with the people you love.
Today, Chris got a hair cut and then we went to look at some houses that we have no intention of buying.  
On the way back home we made a very important stop for a pack of SweetTarts.  Well...really it was to use the facilities in a gas station since we have a newly panty-wearing little person in our family, but getting some SweetTarts to share made the stop way more fun!
After lunch came the glory that is nap time (in which I also took part), followed by snack time.  Today we had ice cream sandwiches, and I'm pretty sure the kids thought that meant it was a holiday of some kind. :)  
We've just come back in from playing outside together, and I got one of those gooey feelings where I think, "I know this time doesn't last forever."  I am so thankful that we get to hang out together, and beyond that, that I know how special family time is.  No...that doesn't mean that everyday, all the time feels lovey and sparkly.  It just means that there were a few moments today that felt that way, and I love it.  

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