Friday, March 30, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things

I told this to some folks last weekend, but I just gotta tell it again.
Last week I was cutting Audrey's nails.  Christian bites his fingernails, so I just don't think about checking his toe nails.  While I was doing hers I thought I better check his.  When I saw them I realized that they were not as long as they probably should have been, considering how long it had been since I cut them.
I said to Christian, "please tell me that you don't bite your toe nails."
He says to me, "I don't bite my toe nails......anymore."
AHHHHH.  Boys are so nasty!!!

This has been a pretty busy week at our house.  Grass is growing (thank the Lord) so Chris has been working long days.  With Christian in half day pre-k, everything has to be scheduled around the 9am and noon drop off and pick up times, so sometimes that involves a lot of a.m. running around with Audrey in tow.  This week I filmed the announcements, did the usual Publix and Wal-Mart runs, worked with Chris one day (thanks to Andrea for baby-sitting), and all manner of homemaker/mom type stuff.  Mostly I like to be at home in the evenings, but we've been out a couple of nights this week too.  
So, LOTS of stuff going on the whole week, but it's still been a good one.
Wednesday night we were at the church so Christian could practice for the Good Friday service.  God bless our Kids Town volunteers, since I'm not sure you could even pay me enough to be in charge of that kind of thing!  He is totally pumped though, and  I can't wait to see them in action!  You should come too.  
Avalon Church:  Friday, April 6th at 7 p.m.

Since this coming week is Spring break for Henry County, they went ahead and had the Easter egg hunt for all the kids at the pre-k yesterday.  After our snacks and before the actual hunt, Christian's teacher was reading a story about Easter.  She says to a room full of 4-year-olds, "let's tell your parents what Easter is really about."  I fully expected them to say bunnies or eggs or something.  I was delighted to hear most of them say that it is about Jesus.  They were sort of calling the answers out all together, so made sure I was sitting close enough to be able to hear Christian's answers when the teacher was going through the story of Easter.  I was proud that he was getting most of them.  :)  
Jesus died on the cross.  Check.
He was in the tomb for three days.  Check.
What happened on the third day?  "He rode again."  
Then there I am snickering during the Easter story.  LOL!
I couldn't help but get a mental picture of Jesus on a Harley. :)
We'll keep working on that one.

Here's a few shots of the kiddos from the last couple of weeks.
Gotta love em.

Love that hair!

Intent on getting the whole alphabet on the driveway. :)

I love it when he smiles with his whole face!

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