Friday, March 9, 2012


What a great day!
My mother-in-law offered to take Audrey yesterday morning while Christian was at school, so I felt a little like I was on vacation between nine and noon.  Nice. 

Before I had kids I was not a drive-thru kind of person.  I don't mean that to say that I was too uppity to eat or drink from a drive-thru place.  I just was of the mind that God gave me legs and they work just fine.  Usually I could park my car and be in and back out before I would be out of the drive-thru.  Having kids has changed that, since anyone who's ever done it before knows that loading and unloading the car seats is way more time-consuming than it really should be.  I thought that it would be faster once we got to the kind of car seats that the kids could buckle themselves...wrong.  I digress.
In the three hours that I was kidless, I was not only able to come home for a few minutes, but was then able to make it in and out of the bank and seven stores before I had to go back to get the kids!  The only drive-thru I hit was Dunkin Donuts.  It was fantastic!  I had a lot of little errand-type things to do and items to pick up.  I'll admit that it did occur to me to use the time to sit on the couch curled up with a book, but I figured I better get as much done as possible.
During nap time I watched the special features on Breaking Dawn Part 1- another nice little treat for me. And let me just say, holy wow, were they interesting?! 
I love being a mom...especially one that gets to stay at home.  I also love when there's time for just me.

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