Monday, March 26, 2012

mixed fruit

A few weeks ago my mom was by the house and got some jam while she was here.  One of those jars was a mixed fruit batch.  Yesterday she asked if I had any more of it.  
Sometime back in the fall (I think) I made some mixed fruit jelly.  This was sort of a fluke.  I had several different kinds of fruit, but not enough to do any of my regular recipes.  As such, I decided to take the blackberry plum jam recipe that I am so fond of and tweak it a bit.  In all this recipe calls for 2.75 pounds of fruit, so I came up with that much of whatever I had on hand.  I really only made this batch so that the fruit didn't go bad.  I never even had any of it, but since Mom liked it I tried today to recreate it.  
I think I have all the same fruits: plums, apples, blackberries, and strawberries, but I have no. idea. of the measurements.
I guess she'll have to tell me how close I got to the mark. 


As long as I can remember, I have enjoyed some yogurt now and again.  I am not a yogurt-a-day kind of gal, but I'll pick it up at the store from time to time.  The only stipulation has been that it cannot contain any actual fruit.  If you know my history, you know that previous to 2010 I didn't care for fruit in anything.  Making my own jam changed that for me.  I still tend to buy fruit-free yogurt, but now sometimes I add my own.  About a month ago I made some pear spoon fruit.  No, I did not make that up.  When I very first started jamming I saw a recipe for Blueberry Maple spoon fruit in a Food Network magazine.  This pear one was actually supposed to be a jam recipe, but it was my first time using it and it didn't quite go as planned.  At any rate, it's totally delicious in vanilla yogurt!  The kids and I have eaten it up.  I love preserving!

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