Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Bit of Cheer

We're counting down the days until Christmas and now the weather actually agrees with the time of year. 
Christian made this bell with the links a couple of weeks ago at school and the kids are having so much fun taking a link off each night before bed!  They're so cute telling us everyday that we're "getting closer and closer to Christmas!"

We're squeezing in as much Christmas cheer as we can stand: a parade, candy canes, holiday coloring, festive pjs, and scads of Christmas music! 

Since I learned "My Favorite Things" via The Sound of Music I have always held to the fact that it's not a Christmas song. As it turns out, brown paper packages tied up with string really do make it on my list of holiday favorites!  Although I usually go for bright colors on my wrapping paper, this year I opted to go a different route and love the old-fashioned look the brown paper and ribbon give our Christmas tree corner.  

I've still got a few more gifts to pick up and get under the tree, but not too many.  I'm looking forward to my baking/candy making day at the end of next week and there are still several holiday movies I need to sneak in to make it feel like Christmas.
I'm thinking I might even need to try my hand at making wassail!
Dad, I can't seem to get your rendition of "Happy Holidays" out of my head! :)

Cheers to one and all! 

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  1. Wassail is my FAVORITE holiday drink!

    I've never done brown wrapping but I saw the red and white string at Target and am thinking about buying them out after Christmas and going that route next year. It looks so nice!