Friday, December 21, 2012

A Bonfire...and it's almost Christmas

Last weekend we had a little backyard campfire.
We roasted marshmallows and made s'mores for no reason at all.

I needed it.  I think we all did.  Sometimes you just need to fill your tank with the goodness that comes from spending time with the ones you love.

Chris was in charge of the fire.

I was the keeper and passer-outer of the treats.
Christian likes the "roasting" part of the deal, but just likes his marshmallows warmed more than actually roasted. :)
Audrey likes the idea of the whole thing, but really just wants all her s'mores ingredients separate and not heated in any way.
Such a fun family time!


I have a difficult time believing that everyone has this much trouble getting a normal picture from their kids.  I took at least 30 pictures of this turkey yesterday morning.  I think she is beautiful, but man is she a pill with pictures!  

Christmas is in just a couple of days!  There's lots to do, but we're all ready! :)  

I'll be back with lots to share.  
Merry Christmas!

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