Friday, December 28, 2012

Our Christmas

It was Christmas for days!  We started on Sunday at my Mom's, then Monday at Chris's parents', and wrapped it up on Tuesday at home.  It's always so busy, but we had a great time!  
Christian's salvation and baptism gave me a bit of a different perspective this holiday season.  Although we do celebrate with gifts, we have tried each year to make sure the kids know the real reason for Christmas.  This year the whole experience seemed a little sweeter for this Mama's heart.

Saturday night the kids and students at our church hosted a special service.  They did the music, our pastor shared a quick word, and then the service was closed with baptism.  I was a hot mess.  Our boy got baptized and I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the net of support around him, cheering him on, congratulating him, and tearing up with me at what we know this means for him not only on this Earth, but for eternity.  I'm not sure there's any greater gift.


I have eaten more than I care to admit in the last week...there were just too many delicious things and I didn't even hold to a pretense of self-control!  
Meals were shared with the ones we love.  Glasses were raised and moments were held onto.  Seared onto the pages of our minds.  Trying to live in the moment and not let these pass without knowing exactly how amazing the now is (even when it just wears you slap out).  
It's bizarre to think that four years ago today we didn't have our kids yet.  So much has changed in what seems like so little time.  If this (and all the comments from my parents to this effect) can mean anything, before we know it they'll be married with children of their own.  
I am spending this break, this lovely time of staying up later, sleeping in...a little at least, and so much time together trying to savor these moments.  Remembering that this time is short.  All the "get out of his face, stop running in the house, leave her dolls alone, give it a rest!" will only be for a little while.  Too soon the pitter patter of little feet will turn into the jingling of keys and the songs of their cell phones.  
I'm counting my blessings today.  I'm delighting in my littles.
I'm thanking God for the now.

Hope your Christmas was lovely.
Happy New Year!

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