Friday, August 10, 2012


This week has been a little chaotic.  

Christian being in "real" school has meant a change in bed times, waking times, the speed with which we move in the morning, napping for Audrey, and just in general the way the day flows.  Although I had thought a lot about school starting, I didn't really take into account all that it would mean outside of the fact that he would be there for seven hours a day, five days a week.
All that said, it's been a week of adjusting...for all of us.  
I feel like I'm in the car a lot more.
Audrey wants more of my attention because "Chrisshen" is not around to play with her.
There are days where I need Chris to either pick Christian up from school or take him to school, depending on what else is happening that day.
At the end of this week I can tell you that the adjustment period is not quite over and done with.
I guess it will just be a learning process for us all.

In other news...

I worked with Chris on Wednesday.  This is the first time I've worked with him all day in a long time.
There was a time when I was relatively accustomed to using the weedeater, edger, and blower for six or eight hours at a time.  Gah.  I can tell it's been too long!  I met him and started work at around 8:45 and left to go get in the car rider line at about 2:15.  I am still feeling the effects of that work!  I guess I'm just hoping my body works out the kinks by next Wednesday since I've already committed to working again that day!
Lawn care is not what I would call mindless work, since that could mean missing things or getting hurt, but it definitely lends itself to a lot of time for thinking and praying.  Sometimes that's just what this Mama needs.  Also, there's just something about leaving a property knowing that it looks better than it did when you got there... a nice sense of completion, maybe.
I am so thankful for our business.  Thankful that it means I'm able to be with my babies so much!  I never would've guessed how much I'd need or want that.

I seriously do not know how regular working parents do it!  I can tell you that even when my work has consisted of making jellies, cleaning house, running errands, and/or taking care of kids I am generally pretty exhausted by 5:00.  
As a result of this busyness of late, I haven't been doing so well with our meal planning.  Please don't be confused.  When I say "meal planning" I do not in any way mean something extravagant or fantastic.  I mean writing out what we're going to make for dinner at least 3 or 4 times in a given week and then making sure we have the ingredients necessary to make those things.  When I don't write down that list and shop from it, we tend to wind up with take-out or sandwiches or cereal.  Not that there's anything wrong with any of those meals individually, but when that's what happens all week at my house I just don't feel very good about it.  
I've learned that I prefer meals that can be made ahead of time.  So today after lunch was done I went ahead and made our spaghetti sauce for tonight and stuck it in the crockpot.  This way I know we'll be eating a homemade meal...even if I'm too busy/tired/ornery to cook at dinner time. :)  
Again with that adjusting-to-change business.  

It's Friday.  Soon it will be five o'clock.  Raise your glass.  Here's to better planning for next week! 

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