Sunday, August 26, 2012

"Currently" and the weekend update

I saw this idea for "currently" posts here and decided to go with it.

Currently I'm:

Listening to...The Civil Wars.  They are fantastic!  You should most definitely go to iTunes and give a listen.  A couple times in the last week I've also done a John Mayer station on Pandora, and that's always good.  I seriously could listen to that on the regular.  

Reading... a series by Karen Kingsbury.  She's a Christian author, and this is the tenth book I've read by her in the last few months.  It's not my norm.  Usually I go for sappy love stories (just not anything with naked people on the front...'cause I can't help but make fun of those) or mysteries.  When I read the first one, I was a little unsure.  These are church people that are a little churchier than the folks in my circles.  All that said, they really are good stories!  I've really enjoyed reading them.

Watching...So You Think You Can Dance since it's one of my favorite summer shows.  Chris and I have also recently gotten into How I Met Your Mother and I gotta say, it is a scream!!  We've been watching it on Netflix and we're only into the second season, but it's a new fave!

Anticipating...closing on our new house.  We're set to close on at the end of September and are super pumped about it!
...cooler weather and all things pumpkin!  I got some pumpkin k-cups at DD today and will for sure be having that happiness in my cup tomorrow morning! baby girl starting pre-school this week.  Eek!  Apparently she's old enough to do that now.  I'll be back with more on that after her first day, which is on Wednesday.  

Loving...seeing my boy thrive in kindergarten!  I was pretty nervous about him starting school.  He's a busy boy and he's a talker, so I was just kind of expecting a call by the end of the first week with a, "hey, can you come handle your kid?!"  What I've gotten instead are lots of smiley faces.  More on that in another post this week too.

It's been a nice weekend.  Cut and color Saturday morning, and in addition to the way-past-due freshening up that gave, the best part is that it also means time to hang out with my sis!  Go see her!  As Ouiser would say, "have your roots done."
Then Chris and I had lunch on the square and did some shopping.  We were really in need of a date! :)  Sometimes I'm amazed that we still have so much to talk about!  We had several hours to just be together...talking about the kids and the new house and just dreaming about our future.  I love that guy.  
Church this morning and then had some small group fellowship tonight.  Fun times!  

I'm ready to call in a night!  
What's a post without pictures of the kids, right?
Have a great week!

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