Monday, August 6, 2012


It took me longer than usual to go to sleep last night.
I was up early this morning.
Today is the first day of Kindergarten!

I've done a lot of first-day-of-school experiences...but this was my first one where I was the parent. :)

I knew Christian would be excited.
I knew I would be weepy.


The dropping him off part was what I expected.  He was fine.  I was taking deep breaths trying not to let the tears escape.  Having a certain pj-wearing little girl with me helped too!

It seemed like a pretty long day without him.  Audrey definitely told me she was ready to go get him from school, and they have just been happy as larks to be playing together this afternoon.

When I picked him up he was all, yeah yeah.  Good day.  Like that was going to satisfy my how-was-your-day question!
After a little digging, I got some more details.  He made sure to tell me he was good and that he ate his lunch and snack. :)
When we got home and went through his bag, he looks at me and says, "I go to school tomorrow too, right?"
I'm so glad it went so well!
I'm pretty sure he won't put up at fight at bedtime tonight!

What a big day!

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