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Before I dive into the post...
This week marks my blog's one year birthday!!  How crazy is that?!  When I started, I wasn't sure if it would stick but I gotta say I'm diggin' it.  It's good for me.  The actual therapy of writing (which I've always said I hated doing) and the sweet things so many of you guys have said to me.  It's a little bit of a surprise that my immediate family is not my only audience!
Hey, thanks for reading.  And for commenting!
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Now down to business.

I told you that I was really pretty nervous about Christian starting school.  He's had two years of pre-school, but let me just go ahead and say it's nothing like actual school.  Maybe some of you disagree, and that's okay.
Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great idea for many kids.  Audrey started today!!  They figure out the whole being-away-from-home thing with just a couple of hours before they have to launch into the whole day experience.  They (hopefully) learn how to line up and understand the idea of sitting with everyone, whether that be at the table, on the rug, outside.  The actual content varies, but  I believe it's a valuable learning experience.  It's just not the same as kindergarten.

Christian was super pumped about starting school.  My boy thrives in a task-oriented setting, in particular one that has a routine.  I was thrilled to find out who his teacher is!  She is a fabulous teacher and she means business.  That is definitely what he needs.  On the second day of school, I got a call.  It' sad, but my first instinct was to think he was in trouble!  He wasn't...they were calling to tell me about a meeting.  During the second week, I walked him in one day and last week Chris did one day.  Both of us asked how he was doing and got good reports.  At the end of last week we even got a note home that said,
     "I just want you to know how kind and thoughtful Christian is to the other students in our class.  He always makes sure that everyone is included when playing on the playground.  I am very impressed by his thoughtfulness.  I enjoy having Christian in my class."
You can only imagine how our hearts swelled with pride and joy at those words!  Now, if you know me at all you know that I have a realistic view of my kids.  I know when they are being awesome, and I know when they are being turds.  It is a big, fat relief to know that, even though I'm sure he's not being a gem everyday all the time, he's doing pretty good!  Since he started that brief period of day care when he was two, we have been in the habit of praying with him just before he gets out of the car.  Often, part of that is praying that he would shine the love of Jesus to those around him.  Knowing that he's in the habit of including everyone during playtime sounds like a great way for him to do that.  

His writing practice is coming along well, and last week they started getting sight words too.  He was given five color words on Monday and by Wednesday (when he was tested on them) he got five new words.  He tested Friday and got five more words!  He's excited to practice them at home and I'm pleased as punch that he's getting it!  It's just a small piece of the learning puzzle, but exciting all the same.

Oh, how I love that boy!

I can't wait to see how he continues to grow!

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