Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pre-school Open House

Thursday night was open house for Audrey's pre-school.  It's her first time with this...so I couldn't help but get some pictures. :)  She was pretty excited.  I'm interested to see how that goes when it's time for her to stay there and me to leave.  Since Christian has been in school she has been asking when it was time for her to go.  

I know she's old enough to be doing this...
Knowing she'll absolutely thrive in this environment doesn't make it easier to think about how this is the beginning of the end of her being home with me.  They tell you how quickly time passes when your kids are small.  Even knowing that, it feels crazy to think that she's walking and talking.  Misbehaving and charming.  Wanting to pick out her own clothes.  She's the baby.  And I've always hated to see how people baby their baby once it's time to move on to the next stage.  I haven't tried to hold on to bottles, diapers, or pacifiers just to satisfy some bizarre need to still have a baby.  We enjoy and encourage independence in our home.  I know how blessed I am to have had these littles in my life- to have been allowed to be such a part of all this.  I have enjoyed them getting to this point.  Okay, maybe not the potty training part so much, but I knew it was all part of it.  Maybe I'm being a little dramatic.  I know she's not moving out, but I know and feel the need to acknowledge this is the end of a pretty big stage.  God help me when she starts real school!  
I've got her papers all filled out and her first day outfit ready to go.  I know this is going to be great for her...and for me.  It may just take a little while for me to remember that once she's there.

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