Monday, August 20, 2012

Fall Is Coming

Oh man...
Winter is coming.
Fall is coming.
Sorry... I started with "fall is coming" and couldn't resist the Game of Thrones link. :)

Anyway, for the last few days I've been getting into that mode.
I'm ready for long sleeves and boots.
I'm ready for pumpkin bread (or just pumpkin anything, really).
The weather isn't quite with me yet, but it's coming.  The heat of the day hasn't been quite so sweltering, and the early mornings are downright lovely.  Toss in the fact that you can already buy Octoberfest, and I'm nearly over the moon.

 These silly little people sure do make me happy.  They've taken turns being a little under the weather.  It's been sounding a bit like a nursing home at our house, what with all the sneezing, coughing, and nose blowing, but they're doing alright.  

Christian got some new kicks for school.  He told me he's pretty sure they make him run faster and jump higher.  :)

With Christian gone to school, I'm getting a lot of one-on-one time with Audrey.    This new time we're sharing means getting to know even more things about who she is without Christian by her side.
It's hard to believe she's almost three!
She is just about the silliest girl I know.
She loves to watch tv...after all she is Chris's child.
In the last two weeks I've discovered that she's not quite got the hang of playing in her room by herself.  We've been trying to teach her to spend some time alone, and explain that being told to go to her room to play is not the equivalent of being in trouble.  This is new territory for her, but I'm sure she'll get it.

Some random Monday bits to close the day:
1.  Except and accept are not the same word and should not be used interchangeably.
2.  Christian thinks all flowers are roses and that seems hilarious to me.
3.  I'm really enjoying my hair being a bit longer...all the while hoping I'm not recreating the look I had in my senior pictures. 

We've got a busy week this week, but busy's pretty normal around here.  
I'm looking forward to a date with the husband on Saturday. 
What are you looking forward to?


  1. looking forward to cooler weather! fall is my favorite season of the year and i am stoked to have a new addition this season! Love this post!

    ps. i have been blogging more this week and am loving it. i know you share that love! :)