Thursday, August 2, 2012

what a day

Sometimes life just plunks along day after day, nice as you please.  Not bothering anyone, just doing its thing.  Other seasons of life (like right now) seem like, "seriously? What else?" only I try not to say, "what else?!" because I'm seriously all full up right now.  I'm gonna need whatever else life is about to slam in my face to just give me a second to take a breath.
Deep breath.
Alright, so school starts next week and I wanted to take Christian to the zoo again one more time before that happened.  Not so much.  He asked if we could go to "the park with the green train" so I figured I could make that happen.  We headed over there this morning and had a really nice time, just the three of us.
*Pardon the rant...
Except that sometimes there are these people who won't stop talking to you.  Yes, you and I are both adults who happen to have our children at the same park.  Guess what?  I don't know you and I didn't come here to make friends with you.  I came here to let my kids play, and maybe read a book (which by the way, never even came out of my bag).  These are they same people in waiting rooms and at bars who will not just make a passing comment and then let you be.  Let's be real- I don't have a face that says, "hey why don't you sit down and talk my ear off."  One comment on the weather, maybe.  A compliment on my children, sure.  Otherwise, please stop talking to me like you know me.
I warned you.  Sometimes that stuff just has to get out.

Tonight is open house for Christian's school.  He is SO PUMPED to go meet his teacher.  Let's hope I can get my attitude adjusted before then.  Otherwise I may end up frightening someone.


  1. Hey! I'm the kind of person who just sits down and talks to people! And you married me!

  2. I totally get the "why are you talking to me?!?!" I have midgets talking to me all day, I came to the park to have them talk far away from me!

    On another note, I'm jealous. Gabe still tries to break his neck on everything so I can't relax and read there yet. I cannot WAIT for him to be more able to do everything so I can just sit! That sounds seriously lazy!

    1. I definitely don't get to sit the whole time, but a little sitting is nice! Not lazy at all...sometimes you just need a break! :)