Friday, August 3, 2012

Open House

Last night was open house for my boy.  He had been so excited all day...all week really.  He just kept reminding me that it was almost time for him to meet his teacher.  He wanted to know if we were going with him.  He wanted to know if we would all stay there.  He was seriously not able to contain his excitement!  If you know him at all, you know that if he's super excited he tends to jump around while he's talking.  We talked at great length about what was going to happen at open house, but I can tell you that no amount of talking could have prepared him for what actually went down.
It was pouring down rain by the time we got to the school, so we were all a little off kilter just walking in the door.  When you add to that the number of people who were all so excited to see us and talk to us, it made for an unexpected result.  

My super-talkative, easily-exciteable, loud-talking son was withdrawn, still, and quiet.  It was strange.  Thankfully Chris was able to go with us, so each of us was able to be in charge of a kid.  He kept hold of Audrey's hand so that I could walk with Christian and help him relax.  He did great as we walked around talking to his teachers sneaking a peek of art, music, and the library.  He held tightly to my hand, asking me a quiet question now and then.  I very nearly got choked up just watching the wonder in his eyes, thinking that in just a couple of days he'll be here without me.
As soon as we left, he wanted to know how those people already knew his name.  I couldn't help but smile. 

Today I've been filling out paperwork to put in his book bag and send with him on Monday, putting his milk money in a bag with his name on it, and making a list of the few things we still need to pick up.  It's a little bit surreal.  I thought him going to pre-school would better prepare us both for starting kindergarten...but maybe it has only helped him. 
I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to hold it together Monday.  Hopefully I can make it back to my car before I lose it.  

Please don't be confused: I'm not sad that he's going to school.  I'm really very excited!  I think he'll love it!  Add in that Audrey starts two-day pre-k in a few weeks and that means a few hours a week to myself!  That sounds glorious!
It's just a little overwhelming.  

This doesn't seem like that long ago!

Through Christian's behavior chart, he has earned a special date just the two of us.  This afternoon we're going out to Cherry Berry and then to buy his lunch box.  
I'm taking in every moment.
As a girl who wanted so badly to be a mama, and then to think maybe that couldn't happen, I am keenly aware of how blessed I am by these little people. They truly are gifts from God.

More about his first day to come.  That is, when I can stop blubbering long enough to see my computer screen. 

Happy Friday!


  1. I just love him!!!!! Cannot believe it's time for him to begin school. You guys will adjust well. I have no doubt. Will say a prayer Monday morning for you both.

    1. Thank you Chelsea! We appreciate the prayers. :) I think it's going to be a great experience for him!